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Disney's Rapunzel A Newly Added Princess

I have been trying to avoid writing this article, but I have finally found an excuse to do it! Yes I searched and searched to help me find a movie/televison spin for the news and I have finally done it. Disney is showcasing how Tangled has gone on to become one of the biggest surprises in Disney Animation, and the celebration is huge!


Disney might bring back Mickey Mouse for a feature length film

Disney Animation is not in the best of places right now.  Although Tangled did pretty good, it wasn't the huge success it should have been.  Tron: Legacy might have made its money back, but nothing more.  And Mars Needs Moms?  Let's not talk about that one.  So who will Disney call on to rejuvenate their studio?  Well, the big man himself; none other than Mickey Mouse.


Cinema Showdown: November 26-28

This week, we got long haired heroines, burlesque dancers, prescription medication (hint: It's love), and some pretty fast cars.  So which one's worth your time and (more importantly) money this weekend?  That's right, everyone: It's time for another Cinema Showdown!

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