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Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming to the PlayStation 4 this July, and we've got a bunch of information about the game for you today, including a reveal trailer and some gameplay! Keep reading to find out more about Dragon Quest Builders 2, here with Cinelinx! 

Main Cast Revealed for Telling Lies

There's an all new narrative-driven game called Telling Lies coming out later this year. It's a spiritual successor to Her Story, so if that catches your interest, keep reading with us here at Cinelinx! 

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Coming Soon in 4K

Hitman is a beloved series by many, and it's been surprising to me that, in a time of remakes and remasters, that Hitman was nowhere to be seen. Well, here it is, Hitman Blood Money and Absolution are getting 4K remasters! Read more to find out what these remasters will bring to the table! 

Donut County Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Donut County is coming to the Nintendo Switch in just a few days! It's an amazing puzzle game with charming graphics and a surprising story. Keep reading to learn more about Donut County and its upcoming release!

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