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Is that video game you’ve been waiting for over the last couple years worth all the hype and excitement?  Did the gameplay live up to expectations, was the story engaging?  These are the questions we seek to answer on Cinelinx’s Rated, were we review and discuss the latest games (on all platforms) to go out.  Games can be an expensive hobby, so be sure to check out our thoughts before dropping your cash.

Gadget Review: KontrolFreeks FPS Freek Phantom Analog Stick Adapters for the PS4

Let’s start off this review by saying that I never thought that two little pieces of plastic would be any help to my FPS prowess. It’s not that I thought that KontrolFreeks FPS Freek Phantom analog stick adapters would be the worst thing since spray-on hair, but it was more of an indifference. I have to say that these two little pieces have rocked my FPS world in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Aliens landing on Earth would have made less of an impact on me than this. Well, maybe….but let’s get onto the review.

PS4 Controllers Are Great With One Drawback

If you haven’t already, head over to our PS4 review to see what we think of the console itself. In the review we mentioned the PS4 controller needed an article on its own because there are lots of improvements and things to be talked about. Well let’s just say, the controller is finally a step up for the Dualshock, but it has one major drawback.

Our PlayStation 4 Review - Greatness Has Arrived

It’s time, time to put down everything we have to say about the PlayStation 4 into one review. Well if you want us to get to the point, PS4 is simply awesome and is every gamers dream. New sleek features make the PS4 everything the PS3 has ever hinted at come alive, and then adds even more to make it complete. Lets break down everything about the PS4 in this review!

Hands-On With World of Tanks 360 (Preview)

My experience with the 360 version of the immensely popular PC phenomenon, World of Tanks 360, has been extremely enjoyable so far. The battles can be a little slower than the average shooter, but the trade off is a real sense of strategy. From choosing the right upgrade or making sure you shoot out your enemy’s treads, strategy is the only way to really survive these WWll battlefields.

Beyond: Two Souls Is One of The Most Brilliant Games Made (Review)

When Beyond: Two Souls was first announced, I was rather unsure what it really was. They were marketing it as an action oriented title, then slowly crept into it being a story driven title. Luckily they showcased the story driven part more and I became interested in it. This is what the game is, a long story that will make you go through emotions at the snap of a finger. It has its hiccups, but the game should go down in the books as one of the best titles ever made.

Rated: Madden NFL 25 (Video) Review

The NFL may be back on the TV, but gamers and fans the world over have been delving into the world of Madden already in order to get their football fix.  Come inside to check out our video review of the latest entry in the celebrated franchise to see whether or not this update is worth picking up.

Rated: Dragon’s Crown (2013)

Possibly the most important game in beat ‘em up history since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game, Dragon’s Crown brings amazing innovation to a hurting genre.  But is it worth your money?  Come inside to find out.

Preview: Hearthstone - Blizzard's Card Game Enters the Digital Realm

The Beta for Blizzard's new card game expansion to World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, is in full swing.  We here at Cinelinx got the chance to spend ample time with the beta in order to bring you our impressions on the upcoming game, and whether or not you should be excited for it.  Come inside to see our early thoughts!

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