Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is a connection in the game?

  • A connection is simply the relationship between two cards that allows them to be played side-by-side, or to connect.

2) What expansion decks will be released for the game?

  • We've released a Red Band Expansion, Horror, Move Buffs, and Superheroes & Comics.

3) Do you ship Internationally?

  • In most cases the answer is, Yes. Please visit this page for details.

4) How can I simplify the game for an audience that isn't as into movies as I am?

  •  We recommend tailoring your deck to your audience. If you are playing with a much younger group then separate a deck of 120 - 140 cards that may appeal to a younger audience (superheroes, comedy, horror, etc). If your audience is familiar with a wide range of films, but aren't necessarily movie buffs, then create a deck of 120 - 140 cards from popular genres such as action, sci-fi, and comedy.