Rogue Disbands Overwatch Team After Being Denied A Spot in Season 1

Rogue Disbands Overwatch Team After Being Denied A Spot in Season 1

In a shocking turn of events, one of the best Overwatch teams in esports has decided to dissolve their team after being refused entry into Season 1.  Learn more within.

“We are disappointed to announce that Rogue has broken up our current Overwatch roster, so that our players can pursue options to play in Season One in the Overwatch League,” said Frank Villarreal, Rogue owner and co-founder. “These players have represented Rogue in outstanding fashion and as a consequence have become the most accomplished Overwatch team in the game’s history. We wish them the best of luck competing in the inaugural season of the league and look forward to building another squad that will make Rogue a formidable competitor in Season Two.”

This quote came from Rogue's co-owner and co-founder, Frank Villarreal, just minutes after the group decided to disband the team.  The reason why is simple, Rogue wanted to give these players the opportunity to continue their Overwatch esports careers, even if it would be with another team.

The former Rogue members have already begun joining teams that did claim a spot in Season 1, with just a few working on continuing their esports careers by negotiating with Overwatch League and contending teams.

What makes this so shocking is that Overwatch was one of Rogue's best games.  Throughout other esports tournaments, Rogue hasn't been able to make much impact.  However, in Overwatch they hold an astounding record of 125-34.  Yet, they still couldn't claim a spot.  Co-owner Steve Aoki has confidence that Rogue will get back to its Overwatch-winning ways with a new team.

“While we are disappointed with Blizzard’s decision to pass on our team for Season One, we’re incredibly confident that this won’t be the last Rogue Overwatch team,”

Rogue will now recruit and focus on earning a spot in Overwatch Season 2.