World War Games Commences This Week on UGF

World War Games Commences This Week on UGF

This Friday, get ready for all out war as UGF Presents: Call of Duty World War Games!  Here's how it's all going to go down!

It's time for another UGF tournament!  However, this won't just be any tournament.  This will be World War Games, the first-ever First-person shooter PvP tournament held on United Gaming Federation!

8 players will compete this Friday at 7pm, LIVE at Nerdvana Food and Spirits and streaming on the Cinelinx channels of FacebookYoutubeTwitch, and Mixer for a chance at video game glory by playing in 1v1 PvP Call of Duty World War II!  Here's how the bracket fills out:

 War Games

Each match will be played under 5-minute Deathmatch rules.  Highest score after 5 minutes moves on until there is only one person standing at the end of the tournament.  Who will be victorious and become the next #1 contender to the Cinelinx UGF Championship?

Will it be Quad C, the former #1 contender who lost in the King of the Ring finals?  Or is it LA's time to shine after being a perennial contender?  Don't count out Ntropi, Kas, Tha Mad Zack, or Frankie Fisher as all are UGF veterans.  The wild cards will be the mysterious Equinox and play-by-play commentator Livi Loca, who will be making their UGF debuts! 

Then, in the main event, the title is on the line as new Champion LLP defends against #1 contender and self-proclaimed show stealer The Kingsman in the classic NES game TECMO Bowl!

Catch the show live in person as it happens this Friday, 12/8, at 7pm LIVE from Nerdvana in Frisco! Great food and drinks, and meet the competitors! Or watch the live broadcast on the channels!