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Don't Ever Buy A Console At Launch?

A quircky new Youtube video is making the waves as part of Geek Week.

There is a new video that is a hit on Youtube that comes from the user Brentalfloss. The video is an animated music video where the iconic Gameboy is singing to a kid that wants to buy all the latest consoles at launch. They even take a few swipes at the WiiU, and a quick one I liked towards Apple. Check it out below!

 I loved the video. The quick one shots and connections it made, it's rather entertaining. So don't let me take away from that, I know it for humor and it does it well!

While funny, the video has to make you wonder. Those of us die hard gamers will always buy a console at launch, its what we do. We know that price drops will come, games will come, and all that good stuff. It isn't necassarily a trick. However what about the average consumer?

Would it be better for them to wait? In my opinion it may be. Kids won't be missing out on a whole lot, especially this generation. Games still look good and a lot of next generation titles will have ports to current consoles, Call of Duty for example. Games like Destiny won't be out till later, and we don't even have a Halo on launch. Price drop aside, if you are a fan of these games why not wait it out? You might possibly get a exclusive Halo edition Xbox, or God of War theme'd PS4. Plus it makes sense for parents to keep costs low around the holidays, then buy it for a birthday or some special occasion later.

At the same time, I don't think game designers are as big of liars as politicians. Game designers, and console designers, have ideas that sometimes simply never come to life. They are not "lying" about the idea, so the major ones will come to life eventually. I mean this isn't the phone market. You will not buy a PS4, then the idea you wanted so badly only gets released on a PS5.

In my eyes, the early the better. Once these consoles hit shelve, the clock starts ticking for a new generation. The longer you have a console hooked up to your TV, the more you enjoy it, and the more its worth your money.

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