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Top 8 Game Trailers from E3 2016

Top 8 Game Trailers from E3 2016

The last couple weeks have seen a deluge of news and video game trailers thanks to E3.  There was a lot of awesome on display this year, and as I’ve done in the past, I’ve whittled them down to what I think are the eight best game trailers we got out of E3 2016.  Come inside to check out my list and share your own! 

Trailers in general are some of my favorite things.  I discuss them at length for movies, but also do the same for the video game counterparts.  They’re used to reveal brand new ideas, or intriguing story details, or even just gameplay.  Regardless of their purpose, they can be a blast to watch and really help sell audiences on things.  It’s the ultimate form of marketing for visual media, and E3 2016 was filled with them!  

There were a TON of trailers to sift through this year, including those which landed in the week prior to E3 (but were technically for the event) and it’s hard to narrow them all down, but I think most of you will agree with these eight I’ve picked below.  They aren’t in any particular order (as I couldn’t rank all this awesomeness). 

Spider-Man PS4

Even though we all knew (or at least had the strong notion) that it was coming, I don’t think anyone was prepared for how awesome the new Spider-Man game would look.  The trailer came during Sony’s marathon barrage of trailers during their conference and had everyone jumping for joy.  

Rumors about a Sony developed Spider-Man game had been swirling the interwebs in the weeks leading up to E3, so many fans and gamers were crossing their fingers for some reveal.  What was shown, was impressive, running off of in-engine graphics and showing off the distinctive style of the wall-crawler.  

While it’s just a trailer that shows off no real gameplay, I can’t help but be excited.  The Spider-Man games have been among my favorite, and more heartbreaking, games to play.  The last several years haven’t been good to Spidey, and I’m happy to see a team like Insomniac taking the reigns.  

God of War

Sony didn’t just show up with a mere God of War announcement, they showed up with a gorgeous trailer and boatload of gameplay to go along with it.  For me, this served as one of the events great surprises, and even as I watch it now I feel a sense of excitement for the franchise I haven’t in a long while.  

I enjoyed the God of War series, but it eventually grew stale to me.  It needed to change and be something different, yet refused to do so over several spin-offs.  This trailer showed they’re changing things up in a big way.  Beyond the Norse mythology setting, much about this trailer felt different.  

Kratos isn’t the same, his fighting style has changed a great deal, and the addition of a companion character (his son) brings another element entirely to it.  Everything looks sleek and polished, but has enough new elements to get my blood pumping for the God of War series once again.  Let’s just hope the final product delivers!

Dead Rising 4

While word of Dead Rising 4 leaked out ahead of the show, it's trailer was no less exciting for fans of the series.  I enjoy a good zombie game, especially within this franchise, which refuses to take itself seriously and just has fun.  While there are some things I don't particularly enjoy about how the story is set-up (which encourages you to restart and such), I love the creativity that goes into the combat. 

Crafting new items with which to creatively kill the most zombies as possible is a boatload of fun.  Every weapon acts differently and produces a variety of results, which makes it engaging to try out different things time and time again.  This aspect was on full display in the Dead Rising 4 trailer, giving us glimpses at new weapons and vehicles (including an amazing looking zombie catapult) that has me itching to try it out.  Better still, Frank West is back and the winter/Christmas setting should provide for some interesting story elements.  

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

If I'm being entirely honest, I can't say I've been looking forward to the new Zelda game.  Frankly, I haven't cared for ANY of the console Zelda titles since the Super Nintendo's Link to the Past.  I've enjoyed all of the handheld games, but the console games haven't impressed me.  Even though I dug the art style I still couldn't jump on board the hype train.  After the E3 trailer for the game, I'm conducting the damn train.  

Seriously, our first look at gameplay and story elements in the game thoroughly piqued my interest.  On top of all the new mechanics finally being introduced to the story, there are science fiction elements and a distinctive vibe to the game that can't be dismissed.  Add to that, the fact the trailer finally offered us a subtitle, Breath of the Wild, and it was difficult to not be jumping out of your seat for this game.  It's no wonder it won our Best of E3 2016 vote!

Sea of Thieves

When Rare announced their Pirate game at last year’s E3, I wasn’t overly excited or impressed.  This year, however, their gameplay trailer and subsequent demo has me hooked and eager for more.  It’s a pirate simulator to the point that you can get drunk and have a hard time performing in game tasks.  You have to work with an actual crew in order to get your ship working and doing what you want.  It’s a very different type of experience than I was expecting, which promises a lot of fun and adventure than I expected.  

The Last Guardian

While The Last Guardian footage wasn’t nearly as extensive this time around as last year’s gameplay demo, it still gave eager gamers another great look at how the game is shaping up.  The visual style continues to impress, while continuing to tease the game’s larger world and background information.  

Best of all, however, is the final reveal of an ACTUAL release date for the game.  If nothing else, this had everyone cheering and fist-pumping while watching.  It’s been such a long time, many doubted it’d ever happen (even after last year), but The Last Guardian will arrive this year.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon dropped their trailer in the week leading up to E3 while announcing the game’s new 2017 release date, and it blew us away.  In fact, just about everything related to this game has continued to impress and look like the must-buy of early next year. 

The new trailer puts the focus on Aloy and her journey, giving us more insight to the character we’ll be spending so much time with, as well as offering up new hints about the world and overall story that we’ll be playing through.  The game continues to look amazing and this trailer has me itching to explore!

Dishonored 2

I was a little late in jumping on the Dishonored train when it initially released.  While I love stealth/action games, the first-person perspective is always tough for me (call me crazy).  Once I dove into the game, however, I was enthralled and couldn’t put it down.  The world was intriguing, the characters felt engaging, and the gameplay was thrilling.  The game offered up a lot of options and freedom, while sticking to a solid narrative.  

Since the game wrapped up, I’ve been eager to see what comes next.  The trailer Bethesda showed off at E3 didn’t disappoint.  On top of giving us a deeper look into this game’s story, and how the two character paths will diverge, it also offered up a ton of sleek looking gameplay action.  

Honorable Mentions:

Mass Effect Andromeda (though I still feel it wasn’t an actual trailer)

For Honor

South Park: Fractured But Whole

Death Stranding

Resident Evil 7

Injustice 2

This year’s E3 was filled with some great looking game trailers. While we still have to wait and find out if these trailers will deliver on their lofty promises to the gaming community, we can still enjoy them and revel in the hype.  Which video game trailer got your blood pumping the most this year?