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Retro gaming is something very near and dear to our hearts here at Cinelinx, as it's important to remember where the gaming industry has come from.  This section of the site will contain all news, editorials, and reviews on retro games.

Get Nostalgic in the StarCraft: Remastered Announcement Trailer

The classic science fiction RTS game is officially making a return with StarCraft: Remastered.  This morning Blizzard made the announcement with a new trailer, and details on how the remaster will take advantage of modern technology.  Come inside to check it all out! 

Innex Reveals Retro Gaming Goodies at CES 2017

While CES is all about the latest technology and entertainment steps forward, that doesn't mean nostalgic gamers have to be left behind.  Innex has revealed some awesome new products for retro-gamers to drool over.  Come inside to take a look. 

5 GameCube Games Deserving of an HD Remaster

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the GameCube's North American launch and while many gamers still feel the tiny console marked the beginning of the end for Nintendo's dominancy, it did give us some great titles worthy of remastered versions for the new generation. 

Nintendo Announces the Mini-NES Console for Retro Game Fans!

This morning Nintendo revealed the return of a classic console, with the Mini-NES.  The new device plugs directly into your TV's via HDMI and comes bundled with 30 classic games for fans to enjoy in an all new way.  Come inside to learn more!

Celebrate 20 Years of the Nintendo 64 With Our Favorite Games!

It’s hard to believe, but 20 years ago today, Nintendo was unleashing the N64 upon the world.  For many, the console still holds some of our fondest gaming memories, and in honor of the consoles 20th Anniversary, the Cinelinx team have gathered to discuss their favorite games from the system.  Come inside to check them out and share your own memories with us! 

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