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Retro gaming is something very near and dear to our hearts here at Cinelinx, as it's important to remember where the gaming industry has come from.  This section of the site will contain all news, editorials, and reviews on retro games.

5 Retro Star Wars Games Worth Dusting Off Your Old Consoles For

Earlier this week, Star Wars Battlefront released on consoles, at last ushering in a new age in Star Wars gaming.  As such, this seems like the perfect time to look back at the best Star wars games worth dusting off your old consoles for.  Come inside to check it out!  

5 Other Games I'd Rather See Get a Wii U HD Version

Nintendo kicked off their first post-Iwata Direct last night with the announcement of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD coming to the Wii U. While it's nice to see Nintendo give more games the re-master treatment, I feel like there are some better options than another Zelda title.  Let's take a look at some.  

Final Fantasy V Coming to PC This Month

The SNES classic, Final Fantasy V, originally released back in the early 90s is coming to PC later this month with a slew of upgrades to make it the best possible experience for fans and newcomers alike.  Come inside to learn more!

How Super Metroid Changed the Action Game Genre

The Metroid franchise has enjoyed a long life filled with amazing games. Prime, Echoes, Zero Missions, Other M, and so on are the more recent generations’ offerings, but these all pay tribute and merely build upon one of the most engaging games in the series; Super Metroid.  Why does this one stand out above all the others?  I'm breaking it down for you today. 

The Best Nintendo Exclusives We're Still Playing

All month long in our Gamerlinx editorial series, we’ve been talking about the best exclusives to have ever graced the Nintendo systems.  While our writers have done a great job breaking some of them down, there’s simply too many to cover in one month!  So instead, for our final article this month we’ve opened it up to ALL of our writers to briefly discuss our favorite Nintendo exclusives that we’re still playing to this day.  Come check out our lists and share your own!

Our Favorite Nintendo Exclusives: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

When people want to talk greatest Nintendo games of all time I always go to one series, and one game in particular, Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The endless traveling from one place to another, the in-depth worlds, and of course seeing Link age right before your eyes. I played this game as a young lad and it was a mind blowing experience for me. To me you can't talk about Nintendo without talking about Zelda, it just isn't fair!

Our Favorite Nintendo Exclusives: Donkey Kong Country 2

I always knew that one day, I would write a tribute to my favorite game of all time in the form of an article. There’s no better time, as it’s Nintendo Exclusives month in Gamerlinx town and I’m pulling in, parking my rhino, and telling you why I think Donkey Kong Country 2 was one of the greatest Nintendo exclusives to grace this earth.

Our Favorite Nintendo Exclusives: Pokemon Red & Blue

Pokemon as a franchise is one that still has a ridiculous amount of strength behind it.  With new entries in the franchise coming out regularly and spin-off series being almost as successful, the handheld RPG has withstood the test of time.  For today, however, I want to take a look back at where it all started on the original Gameboy and talk about why Pokemon Red/Blue are still amongst my favorite Nintendo exclusive games out there!

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