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Retro gaming is something very near and dear to our hearts here at Cinelinx, as it's important to remember where the gaming industry has come from.  This section of the site will contain all news, editorials, and reviews on retro games.

9 Classic PS2 Games That Need to Show Up on PlayStation Now

Earlier this week during CES 2014, Sony announced their brand new video game streaming service, PlayStation Now.  The service is designed to act as a 'Netflix' of gaming wherein gamers can stream older PlayStation titles to their current systems, tablets, and even TVs.  While the service will start with only PS3 games Sony promises the library will eventually pull from all previous PlayStation systems.  The primary concern most gamers have now, however, is which games will fill out the service's library.  Today I take a look backwards at some of the most enjoyable PlayStation 2 titles that needed to be included on Now

Retro Games That Deserve a Reboot: Star Fox

For this entry in my 'Reboot' series of articles, I decided to pull from one of my all time favorite genres. Aside from RTS games, the flying/dogfighting genre is top on my list. I can't tell you how many hours I've wasted flying around and blasting anything that happened across my virtual cross-hairs in various games. Today I'm talking about one of the best franchises in the genre: Star Fox.

5 PS1 Games That Went Platinum And Why We Love Them

To become a part of Sony’s Platinum range back in the days of the PS1, a game had to sell over 400,000 copies worldwide within a year of it’s release. Here we have hand picked 5 games that managed to make it to Platinum and take a look at what made those games stand out among the crowd and shine brighter.

Retro Games That Deserve a Reboot: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Being that today is Halloween and Throwback Thursday, I thought it was a great time to revive my article series on classic games that deserve a reboot.  In keeping with the Halloween festivities, I’ve decided to talk about Zombies Ate My Neighbors, one of the most popular retro titles for the SNES and Sega Genesis. 

5 of The Most Ridiculous & Bizarre Retro Boss Battles

Not all boss battles have the be serious and sinister, or make you want to pull your hair out. Sometimes the most memorable fights we have in a game are the goofy ones, which remind us that games are supposed to be about having fun.  Here we highlight some of our favourite retro boss battles with a more humorous and bizarre approach.

Stuck in the Past: Why Retro Gaming is Still Important

Do you ever feel like you should be more excited for new releases? While your friends jump for joy at the announcement of a new game in a popular series, you sit quietly in the corner with your Gameboy color. You are happy with the news, yes, but still hopelessly devoted to games almost as old as you are. Here we’ll attempt to explore and make sense of the reasons why some of us simply cannot let go of the pixellated past-tense.

Mutant League Football Coming Back Via KickStarter

We've talked about Mutant League Football here on the site before.  We discussed it's greatness earlier this year during one of my "Game Franchises That Deserve a Reboot" articles, and wouldn't you know it...it's actually happening.  Now the game's creator has decided to bring the beloved and wacky sports title back from the depths and they're using KickStarter to do it.  Come inside to find out more!

The 5 Most Unforgettable SNES Soundtracks

In some cases, a soundtrack can take a game from being good to great. That's not only the case with modern games either, as the days of yore were able to provide memorable tunes that continue to stick with gamers today. We're digging into the past to un-earth and re-experience five SNES musical masterpieces that stand out from the crowd.

Game Franchises That Deserve a Reboot: Mutant League Football

The return of my Franchise Reboot column takes me to a genre that I honestly don't pay much attention to: sports.  Not since the retro consoles have I really dedicated any time to a sports game outside of the "extreme sports" games like skateboarding, snowboarding, and stuff like those.  I'm just not into sports in general so it transfers over to my gaming habits as well.  However, there are some sports games I feel every gamer must play, just for the sheer fun factor involved.  Games like NBA Jam, Tecmo Bowl, Punch-Out, and this week's entry: Mutant League Football.

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