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Map out Your Shoot with StoryBoard Artist 7

Look out filmmakers and pre-production planners, a new version of StoryBoard Artist has launched, bringing with it more tools for you to plan out a shoot in the easiest possible way.  Come inside to learn more.

Film "And" Digital

Film Vs. Digital, the ongoing battle where none should exist. I can admit to being a man of the celluloid, the tangible format with a life and texture. But I can also get weak for digitals sharp sickly edge. For film it's not so much a competition as it is an individual struggle to survive. Film stock grows scarce and processing labs scarcer. For most new filmmakers films not even an option, nor something they're particularly aware of. Digital suits the time, it's immediate, fast, and frighteningly easy. So this cheap and easier method allows more beginners to make movies that they might not have been able to. But is that necessarily a good thing?  

New Technology Wants You To Control the Outcome of a Film

Remember those choose your own adventure stories as a kid?  The ones where you make decisions for the character and the story would change depending on the page you turned to.  Well, someone is taking that idea and giving filmmakers the chance to craft movies in the same way, allowing the audience watching to decide what happens next on the screen.  Come inside to learn more about this technology and how to help make it a reality.  

It Only Takes 9 Minutes to See How Jurassic Park Changed Movies Forever

Jurassic Park was an amazing film when it released, and continues to remain a powerful piece of cinema even today.  This week marks the films 21st anniversary of hitting theaters, and it's also the point at which we're only a year away from seeing another Jurassic Park movie on the big screen in Jurassic World.  To commemorate this, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences has released a new episode of their digital series which details exactly how Spielberg's original film changed filmmaking altogether. 

Tiffen Releases a New Steadicam Mount for Action Shots

Some of the toughest shots to get for indie filmmakers (or students getting started) are action shots.  Handheld footage is most of the time shaky and makes framing difficult, and to that end we have steadicams to keep the camera stable, even if we aren't.  Today, Tiffen has announced the release of an all new (and pretty reasonable) steadicam designed to fit a variety of consumer level cameras (and even phones).  Come inside for all the details!

48 FILM Project Contest Offers Winners the Chance to Shoot a Feature Film in Hollywood

48 hour video/film contests are nothing new, and filmmakers from all over the country enjoy participating in them.  Now the 48 FILM Project is seeking to break the mold by offering a new twist on the traditional short film contest and a drool worthy prize that's enticing for just about anyone: a chance to shoot a Hollywood feature film, and the budget to do it.  Come inside to check out all the details!

An Inside Look at Storyboarding from J. Todd Anderson

Storyboarding can serve many purposes in getting a film off the ground.  They can assist in presenting a project to potential investors, and of course helps directors establish a pace for the film long before the cameras even start rolling.  J. Todd Anders, the Coen Brothers' long-time storyboard artist uses a fun little video to talk more about the process and why it's so important.  Come inside to watch it!

Indie Filmmaking Guide: Know Your Role! Part II

It pays to remember your place on the Industry Food Chain.  Like pieces on a chessboard, each individual in the industry plays a very specific role in bringing a project to successful fruition.  And like any game of strategy, knowing the form and function of each individual will ultimately lead to a win for all involved.  Following up the most vital positions, those of logistics and management, we now delve into the creative positions that assist in bringing a project to life.

Indie Filmmaking Guide: Getting Everything Free!

An empty wallet should never hinder a dream.

It can often be seen as an insurmountable obstacle in the slow and steady course of filmmaking. No matter the form, function or intended future of your film, your budget can seemingly make or break your dream of a completed film.  Be it above or below the line cost, a budget can spiral out of control in a heartbeat, leaving you palms up with a half finished set and a camera with no film, wondering what just happened.  The budget giveth and the budget taketh away.

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