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MGM, Google and Youtube Movie Rental Deal

In its latest partnership with MGMGoogle/Youtube has placed more than 600 movie titles on a list of accessible rentals on the website. Some of the well-known movies in their line-up so far include: West Side Story; Moonstruck; The Terminator; Robocop; Rain Man; and Rocky.

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The films are also available on the Google Play market bazaar. In April of this year, Google also announced its newest conglomerate with Paramount Studios, adding roughly 500 titles to the online store for rent. All of these deals are a part to remain in fierce competition with Apple's iTunes and Amazon's Prime marketplaces, although both offer thousands of titles each. However these business strategies are quite promising.

Google currently possesses 5 deals with major film studios and ten with independent studios. Despite having a deal with MGM Studios, not all of their titles are available immediately, though it was clarified some are ready for rent as of  this past Monday and the rest will be added to the catalog several weeks from now.

Netflix overall is still the leader in the movie rental hub--but for how long? Netflix has thousands of movie and television titles available to its current subscribers. Now, with Youtube gaining ground in the digital film market, consumers pay what the distributor of a title recommends. In addition, the distributor can decide just how long a title will be available. Not exactly something consumers are looking for. My guess? A competitive fee for services that can rival Netflix's current minimum of $7.99 US/per month.

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