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Box Office Breakdown: Thor Dips But Stays on Top

This past weekend at the box office saw a fairly big dip in the God of Thunder's earnings, but it still managed to retain it's top spot while Best Man Holiday did better than expected.  Come inside to see the full box office breakdown for the past weekend.

Just because Thor: The Dark World saw a big dip, doesn't necessarily mean it's doing poorly.  In fact, it's already beat out the global earnings the first Thor film made for it's entire duration (and we're only on week two!).  It's doing very well, and it's dip isn't as bad as it may seem:

   Title Weekend Total
1.  Thor: The Dark World $38,454,000 $149.9
2.  The Best Man Holiday $30,593,000 $30.6
3.  Last Vegas $8,850,000 $46.9
4.  Free Birds $8,300,000 $42.2
5.  Bad Grandpa $7,670,000 $90.2
6  Gravity $6,280,000 $240.5
7.  Ender’s Game $6,200,000 $53.7
8.  12 Years a Slave $4,700,000 $24.9
9.  Captain Phillips $4,500,000 $97.6
10.  About Time $3,620,000 $11.5


Which film got your money this weekend?



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