A Roundtable Discussion


I love this because it is a very diverse group of directors with a very diverse group of movies all in the same room and they are not just talking about their most recent movies or how much they loved each other’s movies. Rather, they are being asked questions about the business as well as the actual process of filmmaking and, despite what you might think, all the directors get about equal talking time. Perhaps Cameron speaks a little more than the others but they all carry their own weight in the conversations.

One of the most interesting parts for me was seeing them talk about what they do when they are going over budget and need more money, or what approach they take to coming up with a budget proposal. Do they go under and ask for more later? Or is it better to go over and end up coming in under budget? I have no idea, so I like to hear what the professionals suggest.

They also discuss how important having final cut is to them and what lengths they would go to retain it. They are asked what they would go on to do if and when they decide to retire from filmmaking. As well as what they consider to be the most difficult type of scene to film is.

Those are just a few of the things covered in this truly fascinating Round Table. Kudos goes out to The Hollywood Reporter for getting this bunch together for something like this. Oh, and the videos are not the full conversation so if you want the full experience and not the abridged version, and trust me, you want the full version, I recommend reading the text over at The Hollywood Reporter.