Interview: Actor Sean Christopher Battles Vampires in Teeth and Blood


How did you get involved in Teeth and Blood?

I got involved with Teeth and Blood through my management, RobStar Entertainment. They were producing the movie, and they told me the director had me in mind for the part.

Give us a brief synopsis of Teeth and Blood. 

The movie Teeth and Blood is about two detectives that have been brought in to a movie set to crack a murder case of the Diva actress. I am brought into the case because the captain knows that I am half Asian. I know ancient Asian secrets from my grandfather that will be needed for this tough environment. I team up with Detective Colfax and we help solve the depletion of the city’s blood supply, as well as [solve the mystery of] a vampire-infested studio.

Tell us a little bit about your experience making Teeth and Blood. 

Making Teeth and Blood was really fun. I had a great time with the cast and the crew. My role was written as a kick ass cop, but I was getting a beatdown along the way. I thought that was really funny.

What sort of message (if any) do you think the movie is trying to deliver to audiences?

I think they are just trying to have fun with it, and start an era of Black horror films that a few demographics can just enjoy. I’ve watched a lot of horror films along the way, and I don’t see people like me all the way through the movie. Hopefully, there will be a sequel…

If you were in line at the movies and someone was trying to choose between Teeth and Blood and the other latest ones, how would you convince them to see it?

I would tell people to watch Teeth and Blood, because it’s blood thirsty… you can have a good laugh, have fun….you can see some good looking people… and I’m in it!!!!

Teeth and Blood is available now on DVD and as a Digital Download.