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Ansel Elgort's Destiny 2 Impressions and His Starring Role in Baby Driver

Ansel Elgort came by after attending  the L.A Premiere of Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver (which world-premiered at SXSW) to rep Destiny 2 at Activion’s big booth in the South Hall of E3. In the film, he stars as the titular “Baby” and I got to sneak some film related questions in before segueing into our overwhelming videogame surroundings.  We hung out in the private booth and got to play some Destiny 2 afterwards.

Edgar Wright films have this escalated tone and rhythm to them, & that's true of the performances too. Is that an odd rhythm to initially pick up on? And how does Wright work with the actors to bring out that tonality of performance?

It’s really easy working with Edgar because he’s very specific and he knows what he wants. He gives you a direction, and whatever he tells you is going to be what he wants, and he doesn’t like to change his mind too much. It’s great working with people that are so deliberate and know what they want. 

There's a lot of storytelling in acting. I can't imagine a lot of film story's working in a film without these gestures and elements suggested by a performance. How conscious are you of the storytelling you're doing as an actor, separate from the other filmmaking elements?

I take it scene by scene. I try looking at the film as a whole and know where every scene fits in and know where my character will be at that point. Whenever that scene is I take it on from that perspective. But It’s more the filmmaker’s job to think about the whole overall picture.

Since we’re at E3, in the Activision booth, might as well ask some questions about games. Have you played Destiny 2 and CoD WW2? 

Yeah, I did. I obviously haven’t gotten to play the single player campaign yet, but there’s also the pvp, raids, and all the other modes where you get to build your XP. Playing the gameplay by itself, not even thinking about ‘this is my character that I’ve been building up, who I’ve been playing as’ even without that the core gameplay was amazing in the pvp. I can only imagine how addictive the game will be when you have your own class set up and you really know your character while playing these 4 on 4 matches. It’ll be really cool.

Did you play the original?

A little bit. But what’s good about this one is that I didn’t play a lot of Destiny and I could still pick up on it.  It’s a fresh start, there’s a 2 in front of it, but if you didn’t play a lot of the original you’ll be okay. From what I can tell it's everything Destiny did, but better, and improved.

What was your experience with games growing up? 

I played a lot when I was younger. I played a lot of Diablo 2, World of Warcraft, and play a lot of Call Of Duty now. So I am an Activision fan, it was really cool for them to ask me to come here and represent them and be like an ambassador for Destiny 2. It’s a dream come true. As a kid being really into video games,  you never think a video game company’s going to ask you to come play their games and represent them.

Are you interested in using your likeness/acting in a video game?

Oh yeah! I’d love that. I’d love to do that in a game. 

Check out my hands on impression of Destiny 2 here. And keep an eye out for the critically acclaimed Baby Driver, when it hits theaters June 28th (pushed closer from its original August 11th release).  


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