Interview: Baymax Actor Scott Adsit of Big Hero 6

Interview: Baymax Actor Scott Adsit of Big Hero 6

Scott Adsit has spent over a decade playing and voicing different supporting characters in dozens of television shows and movies. All his hard work is paying off thanks to the landmark role the actor took on for Disney’s incredibly popular Big Hero 6. He voices Baymax, the loveable inflatable robot, who lead character Hiro teams up with to fight evil in San Fransokyo. 

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Adsit about what will no doubt be a career-defining role. Big Hero 6 has the potential to become a monstrous franchise that could go on for years to come. His character of Baymax will obviously be a central figure in any sequels Disney would make.

We chatted about the possibility of sequels, how he got the role of Baymax, why audiences should see Big Hero 6, and more. The two of us also discussed the lack of a Marvel logo in the movie’s promotional material or credits and what that really means if anything. Adsit was an incredibly polite and appreciative man to speak with and you can hear the gratitude in his voice.

Big Hero 6 is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and as a Digital Download