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Movie News

Shrek Forever After

DreamWorks is apparently closing the door on its beloved franchise Shrek with its fourth iteration: Shrek Forever After.  I say this is the last one because both the newly released poster and trailer specifically mention this is the ‘final chapter’.  For me this isn’t a bad thing, as I hate seeing great franchises go downhill because of one to many mediocre sequels.


Conan is Cast!

Let me just clarify.  We are talking about the barbarian here, not the de-throned Late Night host.  Lionsgate and Millenium films have been steadily working on a remake to the Conan the Barbarian franchise for a number of years.


Green Lantern

Everyone keeps talking about the new movie Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds which is set to go into production this March, but I don't really know what to expect of it.


Proper Parody

The latest Family Guy excursion “Something, Something, Something Dark Side” has recently released on blu-ray, and pokes fun at the fifth (or second depending on how you look at things) Star Wars film, “The Empire Strikes Back”.  Bringing back the same tongue in cheek humor that made its first parody so successful I believe this release is a must see.


The Kung-Fu Kid?

No, that’s not the actual title of the new Karate Kid remake starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son).  Though that was the rumored title at one point, the most recent teaser trailer for the film has disavowed any notion of that, and they are indeed sticking with the original title.  At this point, however, I feel a new title would be far more apt.



Some of you may have realized this by now, but for some reason I have a strong affinity for those old, cheesy, creature features.  One of my favorites when I was growing up was the Predator movies.  They still have a soft spot in my heart and you better believe I have them in glorious blu-ray.  I even sat through the AVP movies (yes both of them) because I love the Predator lore so much.  Needless to say when I caught wind of the new movie, Robert Rodriguez’s Predators, the nerd inside me started jumping for joy.