Movie News

First Independent Pictures picks up Holy Rollers

First Independent Pictures has purchased the distribution rights to Holy Rollers, a movie about a Hasidic Jewish ecstasy dealer, played by Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland, Adventureland).  The picture debuted at Sundance and from what I can tell it was generally well received.


Batman, Avatar, & Captain America Movie News

It just seems to be news galore over these past few days with many new tidbits popping up about some of the most anticipated films.  Not that we're complaining but nerds around the world might just very well explode if the news keeps coming out like this. 


Shrek Forever After

DreamWorks is apparently closing the door on its beloved franchise Shrek with its fourth iteration: Shrek Forever After.  I say this is the last one because both the newly released poster and trailer specifically mention this is the ‘final chapter’.  For me this isn’t a bad thing, as I hate seeing great franchises go downhill because of one to many mediocre sequels.


Conan is Cast!

Let me just clarify.  We are talking about the barbarian here, not the de-throned Late Night host.  Lionsgate and Millenium films have been steadily working on a remake to the Conan the Barbarian franchise for a number of years.