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Movie News

Horror Spin-Off The Nun Gets a Release Date

Last June, Warner Bros/New Line began work on a horror spin-off from The Conjuring 2 based off the evil Nun demon depicted in the film.  Today they've given the film a Summer 2018 release date.  

Will We See The Unworthy Thor in the MCU?

Does a clue in Marvel’s latest video give us a hint about what’s going to happen to Thor in future Marvel films? Does a hammerless Thor indicate that Marvel Studios is going to use the comic storyline of “The Unworthy Thor” in the MCU?

Director Matt Reeves Handed the Keys to the Batcave

The Caped Crusader may have found his director!  DC is offering the gig to the well-accomplished director, Matt Reeves.  Come inside to learn more about him and what this could mean for the DCCU overhaul.

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