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Movie News

Thor Ragnarok Teaser Released

From out of nowhere Marvel hits us with a teaser for the third installment in the Thor franchise, and it looks like it’s the best one yet.


Did White Washing Doom Ghost in the Shell?

The much-hyped Ghost in the Shell had a disastrous opening weekend last week. This is surprising, considering it stars worldwide superstar Scarlett Johansson, and is based on a popular anime. What’s the real reason that the film made only $19 million on it’s first weekend? Paramount feels that the whitewashing controversy was responsible for the bad box office.

Michael Crichton’s Final Novel is Getting an Adaptation

One of the genuine masters of blockbuster style writing, Michael Crichton, has had numerous novels adapted to the big screen, and even his passing isn't slowing that down as his posthumous novel, Micro, is in the works.  Come inside to learn more!

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