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News Bits: Conan, Legend of the Fist, X-Men First Class, Scream 4, Superman, TRON, and more!

Welcome back for another edition of News Bits.  What is it you ask?  The film world can get quite overwhelming at times in the news that releases.  Unfortunately some of this news is just too small to warrant a full article. Rather than deprive you of the news, we've created this section.  This week's edition has a whole bunch of poster goodness for you, a even a trailer or two, and some ridiculously awesome fan enthusiasm.

Possible Plot Spoilers for Dark Knight Rises Hit the Web

I know what you're thinking...We've done this before.  Since Nolan began working on The Dark Knight Rises, rumors have been running rampant about what the plot will be, and how it will wrap up his trilogy.  While this new information should also be treated as a rumor, it's got the distinct ring of common sense and plausibility that I think makes this worth posting up.

Will Smith making 'Joe'

And not the coffee kind either.  No, Will Smith is adding another movie to his long to-do-list of roles.

The Winners/Losers of the 2011 Golden Rasberry Awards

With all the Oscar commotion, I forgot about that other award show!  All well, better late then never.  Hit the jump for a complete list of all the winners of the Golden Rasberry Awards, and hopefully the last thing I'll have to say about the Awards season until next year!

Shatner is interested in Star Trek 2

Today, I'm sneaking in a two-fer for news for you guys.  The sequel to J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot is something fans have been dying to hear any news about.  As the script is still being written and Abrams isn't signed on for it yet, things have been fairly slow.  Hopefully recent events means it's starting to ramp up.

Mystery Transformer Revealed!

The lunar based Transformer from the first teaser trailer of Dark of the Moon gets a name and a faction, thanks to a just released picture.

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