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Movie News

Robocop is Dead

Robocop is dead. If you're an 80's kid this is news should really hit you hard because we all went through that phase of thinking we were Robocop, didn't we? According to the guys over at Cinemablend MGM and Aronofsky couldn't get it together and there won't be a reboot/remake of the iconic 80's Robot Cop that ate criminals for breakfast - and then pooped out a baby food like substance. What was that about anyway?

Zack Snyder is already writing 'Xerxes'

Despite the fact that Frank Miller has not finished writing the graphic novel, or that Snyder hasn't even been confirmed to direct the feature, that hasn't stopped him from starting the script for the 300 follow-up.

'Dark Shadows' finds a screenwriter

After a nearly 3 year long search, Johnny Depp's production company has at last found a screenwriter to adapt 'Dark Shadows' for the big screen.

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