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Universal goes release date crazy

What if I told you that in the span of five minutes, you could find out the release dates for films such as The Dark Tower, The Bourne Legacy, and Ouija?  Well, I don’t even have to tell you!  Just read on and find out these and more as Universal announces its upcoming schedule.

'Super 8' finally gets a release date

Super 8, the secret project from director J.J Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg, has finally gotten a solid release date beyond “Next Summer.”  But it’s a pretty competitive one, to say the least.

TMP: TRON Night 2010 Limited Edition poster giveaway!

Hopefully you have had a chance to check out our review of the amazing 23 minutes of TRON Legacy shown at last night's TRON Night 2010 event.  Even if you haven't this will pique your interest I'm sure.  If there's one thing movie buffs love the most, it's movie swag.  Posters, memorabilia, collectibles, props, or whatever we can get our hands on...we want it.  This is especially true when it comes to those limited edition items where you either have to attend an event, or pay a ridiculous amount online for it.  Don't worry, TheMoviePool has you covered, and I'm giving away 4 limited Edition TRON Night posters.

'Mission: Impossible IV' now 'Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol'

In the vein of all the video game references to this title (mostly in the direction of the Ghost Recon video game series), I too shall entertain the Internet world with a veiled allusion.  I wonder if this is a mash up of the character Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 and the main character of Alpha Protocol. Wait, I don’t think that turned out right...

Chris Evans in Captain America costume fully revealed!

Once again Entertainment Weekly is giving nerds exactly what they want.  They were the first to give us a look at Green Lantern's costume from the new movie, and they're at it again; this time pulling from the Marvel side of things.  Over the past several months as Captain America: The First Avenger began filming fans have speculated and eagerly waited to see how this film would handle his iconic costume.  Several sketches and drawings have come out since to give us an idea of the new costume's look, but it's no substitute for Chris Evans in the suit himself.

'Avatar 2 & 3' will be James Cameron's next film; Release dates for both announced

Yay, time to wait 4 to 5 years for James Cameron’s next film!  Again!  Woohoo!


James Cameron is lazy.  There, I said it.  I know the technology to make his films are complex and take a lot of time to make, but come on; does it always have to take 5 years to make a film?  Seriously, ever since Titanic, Jim has taken his time with the making of the films.  Then again, if I was as rich as James Cameron, I guess I wouldn’t want to work either.  But after much speculation on what he would do next he has announced his next projects.  Cameron’s next couple films will be Avatar 2 and 3, due out in December 2014 and December 2015, respectively.

Warner Bros. wants to give you blu-rays for your DVDs

It's always nice to get good deals, and being a huge blu-ray fan I'm almost always on the look out for them.  Unfortunately many blu-rays when they come out are just too darned expensive.  It's hard to justify when a the DVD version is typically cheaper.  Well Warner Bros. is apparently looking to change that attitude and wants to encourage more people into filling out their blu-ray collections and getting rid of those archaic DVD discs.  They've made some big changes to their DVD2Blu exchange program, allowing you to turn in any old DVD for a WB blu-ray instead for a ridiculously good price.

Batman 3 has an official title and a villain rumor is debunked!

Now that Christopher Nolan has been able to devote all of his time to The Dark Knight follow-up fans have been eagerly awaiting any sort of official news.  The rumor mills have been running rampant as of late in order to help fans ease away the time before official announcements came.  Finally after a long hard wait, Nolan has decided to give fans something, though it might not be what they wanted.  In an interview with LA Times' Hero Complex, Nolan has revealed the official title of the next film and even eliminated a villain from the long list of fan rumors

'Star Trek 2' will feature a classic Trek character, but not Khan

Rumors of the famous “KHANNNNNNNNNNNN!” appearing in the sequel to 2009’s Star Trek have been running rampant as of recently. Well fans would certainly love to see a J.J Abrams style Khan, that doesn’t seem to be a reality at this point. But that doesn’t rule out any other characters from the original series. Find out the character rumored to make an appearance after the break.

Daft Punk music video shows off sweet new Tron Legacy footage

Tron is one of those cult films that you never quite understand why you love it.  When you go back and watch the original film objectively, you realize that on the whole, it's only okay.  It's not a great film, or mind-blowing, but there's something about it that you just can't get enough of.  Now Tron Legacy is on its way and looks to blow everyone's mind.  Without question, every footage we've been shown so far looks stunning.  At the very least it looks to be the most visually impressive movie of the year, and this new music video highlights that.

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