A glimpse of what Doomsday could have looked like in a Superman film


Personally I love these concept art pieces.  I think it’s fun to look at and postulate on how they could have worked, if they’d made it into the film.  These come from artist Steve Johnson who posted these pieces on his Facebook, in a album he labeled “Bryan Singer Superman Concepts”.  So there’s no telling whether or not these were for Superman Returns or the proposed sequel he was originally planning.


Doomsday Concept Art


Of interesting note to fans is that Bryan Singer was even considering using Doomsday in his films.  Comic fans will recognize the character as the one who killed Superman in the original comic books, and many have been clamoring for an onscreen appearance for years.  Honestly, I like the look, although many fans will exclaim that he doesn’t look very much like Doomsday at all.  Still it could have worked.


Superman Concept


Superman Concept


Superman Concept


Now these are the most exciting pictures to me.  I love this look for Superman.  It stays fairly close to the classic design fans love, yet modernizes it and gives a new flare to it.  I would have loved to see this costume onscreen.  Something about it just calls out to me.