Ant-Man Trailer Debuting With Agent Carter on Tuesday


Hot on the heels of revealing a new Age of Ultron trailer in a week and a half, Marvel has also told eager fans when they’ll be able to see the first footage for Ant-Man, their second comic book film slated to hit this year.  They did so via this cheeky “ant-sized” video which is a teaser for the trailer, but so small you really can’t see anything.  

Fortunately we only have to wait a few days to see the full thing in normal size, as it will land during the season premiere of Agent Carter on ABC, which follows Captain America’s love interest Peggy Carter as she battles bad guys in the 40s and 50s while helping to form up SHIELD.  

The Ant-Man trailer will be online sometime that evening as well, and we’ll be here with it as soon as it’s live.