Aquaman Release Pushed Back to December 2018


Today, Warner Bros. has announced they have moved the release date for one of DC‘s most anticipated comic book adaptations, Aquaman.  The move takes it from October 5th to the previously-vacant December 21st of 2018.  

Some may look at this move as a big blow to DC and WB.  On the contrary, the move should serve to increase revenue for a film that desperately needs it.  Previously, Avatar 2 held this spot but after several delays, Christmas week was left vacant.  The Jason Momoa-led film can now come in a reap the benefits of a Christmas release.  That is, unless Disney decides to release a Star Wars film in that slot.  Unfortunately for DC/WB, that seems to be Disney’s pattern, as of late.  

If WB/DC get lucky, a successful outing for Aquaman would do wonders for the universe they’re trying to create.  So far, the first three movies have come out to mixed reviews, while still earning bookoos of money.  With recent rumors and reports swirling about Ben Affleck‘s unhappiness and the Flash solo film being re-worked, it’s imperative that Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and next fall’s Justice League get the train back on the rails.

Aquaman surfaces on its new date December 21, 2018!