Blu Review: Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection


There have been complaints that Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection doesn’t include the uncut versions of some of the films along with other minor issues. Honestly, I really don’t care. It’s good enough for me to have them the way they were originally released. What do the uncut versions have that the theatrical ones don’t? An extra boob or graphic slashing scene? I’m really alright without those. Each of the movies stand on their own merits as is.

All 12 of the movies in the series are found in the Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection. You get the uncut versions of the original film and its 2009 remake, the 9 sequels, and Freddy vs. Jason. Friday the 13th Part 3 is presented in 3-D. Obviously, each movie varies in quality. Although the first one is my favorite, I will say that I enjoy them all for what they are.

Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection comes housed in a textured tin box featuring Jason holding a machete on the front. A hardcover book/sleeve contains all 12 of the movies. Each cardboard page features accompanying stills on them. Some of them have little blurbs of behind-the-scenes info. It also includes a 40-page booklet with excerpts from Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th. Two pairs of 3-D glasses and a Camp Crystal Lake Counselor patch are found as well. All of these items are bundled together by a stretchable red band that reads, “I told the others. They didn’t believe me. You’re all doomed.”

The audio and video for Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection varies in quality. Some of the original source materials obviously limit how well each movie looks on Blu-ray. The newer ones were made knowing they were going to be released at some point on Blu-ray and/or DVD. The older ones look brighter and cleaner, but still have some visual imperfections. The sound brings the woods around Camp Blood and the streets and back alleys of Manhattan to life. Let’s not forget to mention how spectacular Harry Manfredini’s score for the movies sound thanks to this hi-def upgrade.

There are loads of special features for each disc. There’s also an entire DVD entitled “Killer Bonus.” They come with audio commentary, making of documentaries, featurettes, and other odds and ends. Many consumers have complained that all the extra material has been released before. At least now it’s all in one place.

People who always see the glass as half empty will always be around. I tend to look at Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection in a positive light. How can you complain as a fan of this franchise when we’re finally getting all the movies in Blu-ray and they’re housed in one convenient set? I recommend this for any fans of Jason and his franchise that can look past a few flaws and just enjoy it for the gift it is.

Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection is available now on Blu-ray.