DVD Review: Bloody Homecoming


Bloody Homecoming from Image Entertainment is the latest slasher film I was sent for review. All I could think about when gazing on the cover was, “Here’s someone trying to do Prom Night again.” The cover featuring a girl in a homecoming dress holding a bloody tiara did bring a smile to my face and I found myself nostalgically looking forward to watching the movie.

A high school prank leaves the star football player locked in a closet of a building that catches on fire. Three years after his death at the Homecoming event, the students responsible for the tragic joke receive letters written in blood in their lockers. The appearance of the notes coincide with the first homecoming dance since the accident. One by one, the students are picked off by a killer dressed in a fireman’s suit wielding a spirit baton whittled down on one end into a spear.

Bloody Homecoming is not a good movie if what you’re expecting is Oscar-worthy performances and an emotionally gripping story that will leave audiences in tears. What we do get is a rather effective homage to the great slasher films of the 1980s. It’s the sort of movie that leaves you smiling because all the right ingredients are in place and they’re working.

Some of the success at being entertaining comes from the fact that the cast is a bunch of unknowns who we know aren’t being exploited for what they’ve been in before. This isn’t Prom Night starring the latest greatest cast members from hit teen TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, DeGrassi, and Switched at Birth in an attempt for a quick cash grab. Director Brian C. Weed made a slasher film for the love of the genre. The cast is in it to have fun and you can see that onscreen.

I was also impressed by the kill scenes. The special effects and makeup are really good for an independent film. My hats off to whoever was in charge of those departments. It’s not easy to deliver convincing gore, decapitations, and impalements on a shoestring budget.

Being a slasher film, there has to be at least one topless scene and some sexual content and talk. It wouldn’t be a proper tribute to the genre movies of the 1980s without those elements, right? I don’t watch these types of films for that. I enjoy the gore and little twitches of fright they provide.

If you’re looking for a sincere and fun slasher flick that doesn’t reek of Hollywood payola, Bloody Homecoming is a good choice. It has all the great elements of the 1980s genre movies it’s mimicking, but doesn’t come off as tired. However, you can’t take the good without the bad. The acting will leave you cringing at times. Who really watches these types of movies for the acting anyway?

Bloody Homecoming is available now on DVD.