[Update] Rumor Control: Boba Fett and Han Solo Reportedly Getting Spin-Off Movies


[This is the reason we list things as rumors first.  Deadline is now reporting that one of their sources are saying Disney is merely “kicking around ideas” at this point for the spin-off movies, and that no one even knows when they’re coming out.  So the rumors of Yoda, Han, and Boba getting their own films is nothing but wild speculation.  Perhaps these are the ideas being kicked around, perhaps we’re getting some mis-information.  I would expect to start getting some official word soon though.  The original article follows below:]

For now, let’s just take this as another rumor, seeing as how there isn’t any official confirmation from Disney just yet.  Entertainment Weekly says they’ve received word about the first two stand-alone Star Wars movies.  One would focus on an early aged Han Solo, and the other would focus on the bounty hunter Boba Fett.  The Han movie would be an origin story (so prequel era-ish) and the Fett movie would be sometime during the original trilogy, featuring him and other bounty hunters working together.

079 han solo trilogy

I’m willing to believe this rumor.  I mean, we’ve heard inklings of a Boba Fett movie in the past (that Joe Johnston wanted to make) and setting some films during this time period gives the studios a lot of ‘leg room’.  I mean, Darth Vader is still around these times, and could still be a villain, adding in some huge recognition for the titles.  Not to mention that Lawrence Kasdan is the one developing these stories, and he wrote Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, so this would fit in a timeline he’s already handled. 

Still, take it with a grain of salt, as this could always change.  Even so, I’m leaning towards believeing this one.  EW has a good reputation and a lot of things about it makes perfect sense.  The real question is who’s going to direct them, and when are we going to see them?

How do you guys feel about these characters getting their own movies?