Captain America 2 Gets an Official Release Date


When I say minor details, I mean miniscule and you shouldn’t read too much into them.  They’re pretty much confirmation of what people expected.  The film will pick up on the events following The Avengers and will continue to show the Captain’s affiliation with Nick Fury and SHIELD as well as him trying cope with the modern world.

Captain America 2

They also shared this new image of Cap from The Avengers (click for hi-res)

Most assumed this is the time-frame the film would be set in, but it’s always nice to get something official.  I’m curious to see how much the Nick Fury relationship will play out in the film.  Does this mean Nick Fury will be a more promient character in the film, instead of just some cameo?  Hard to say, but it gets the brain thinking.

You can expect to see Captain America 2 in theaters on April 4th, 2014, almost exactly two years from now….Start lining up.