Chris Evans offered Captain America


The deal would include up to three Captain America movies, as well as The Avengers movies, and appearances in other Marvel universe movies.  Although that is a pretty sweet deal Evans could pass it up for a prior commitment.  That commitment being a romantic comedy called What’s Your Number? with Anna Faris.  Both are scheduled for a summer shooting.  Anna Faris is pretty hot, funny, and generally likeable but passing up the role of Captain America to star in a rom-com with her is a bit much.

If Evans does pass up the offer there were plenty of other names tossed around in recent weeks for the part.  Just last week John Krasinski was reported to be a virtual lock for that part, but it seems that was just another of the countless rumors.

This would not be Evans first time working with Marvel.  He played Johnny Strom, the human torch, in the Fantastic Four movies released in 2005 and 2007.  More recently he has appeared in Push and in the upcoming action flick The Losers.