Chris Hemsworth Cast As Hulk Hogan in Netflix Biopic


For much of the 80s and into the 90s, the iconic wrestler known as Hulk Hogan graced our television sets, as the hero of the WWF and our childhood.  With him leg dropping opponents like Andre the Giant on WWF, appearing on Nightly Talk Shows, and main eventing Saturday morning cartoons, Hulkamania was indeed running wild all around the world, as the Hulkster became a household name.  While he remains a legend to us, he wasn’t always so.  At one time, Hulk Hogan was known by his given name, Terry Gene Bollea, and spent years grinding through the Florida wrestling circuit, until a man named Vincent Kennedy McMahon took over his father’s wrestling promotion and set the world on fire with Hogan (Bollea) as his star.

So, when it comes to his upcoming biopic, it’s only right that the icon who was our hero is played by an actor who is all too familiar with how to portray one on the big screen.  According to a report by THR, Chris Hemsworth will need to work on his 24-inch pythons because he has signed on to play Hulk Hogan, with The Joker‘s Todd Phillips directing, and The Joker‘s Scott Silver and Stronger‘s John Pollono co-writing.

The biopic is in the final stages of becoming a Netflix Original Movie.  It’s taken months to finalize the details of the deal, which will include life rights and have Bollea serve as consultant and executive producer.  Michael Sugar will also serve as a producer for the film, through his Netflix-based Sugar23 company, Ashley Zalta of Sugar23 will executive produce.  Bradley Cooper and Todd Phillips will produce through Joint Effort.  Finally, Steve Desmond and Michael Sherman will co-produce the biopic, as well as Hemsworth and wrestling legend Eric Bischoff who will produce, as well.

While, most recently, Hogan has led a very controversial series of events, in his life, the biopic will not cover any of those events.  Instead, it’ll focus on Hogan’s rise to fame from an aspiring wrestler in Florida to the face of Hulkamania.

The project is still in its early stages, and Netflix is typically mum on release dates.  While we wait for more news to drop, be sure to say your prayers and eat your vitamins, brother!