DC Comics Reboot To be Advertised Before Movies


I have an article coming up that will describe what is exactly happening a little more in depth. Its a long and confusing road, however DC is making this as easy as possible with advertising and retailer support. DC announced that they have teamed up with National CineMedia (NCM) to produce several advertisements to appear before movies at a majority of theaters.

These adverts will be 30 seconds, and all local comic book shops are able to take part in it. They are cutting a deal where Comic shops can put in their own logo and information at the end of each clip. The advertisements will start August 31st (when Justice League #1 releases) and run throughout the month into September. Each newly released number one issue will be included in the run and have its own special advertisements.

The New 52

This is great news that DC is using a little bit of the WB power and spending money to ensure this is a great burst of new readers. They seem to be incorporating retailers in this whole thing as much as possible, even though they happen to be pushing digital distribution at the same time. It’s a great opportunity for retailers, and an even greater opportunity for the new issues. However I think they were better off doing it earlier, or simply holding off. I don’t know what the entire rush is when you have so many opportunities to do the transition correctly. Having the little advertisement before actual comic book movies would make a whole lot more sense and possibly have a bigger impact.

How do you feel about the plans to push everything back to number one in September?