Family Guy image teases their ‘Return of the Jedi’ parody


The creators of Family Guy are at it again with the third (and possibly final unless they decide to hit the Prequels) Star Wars spoof.  Of course we all knew it was inevitable, but this postcard (pictured above) just confirms things. 

The postcard was designed for the upcoming Comic-Con International, but were released a tad early at the Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary event.  Presumably We Have a Bad Feeling About This will be the next title which follows Blue Harvest and Something, Something, Something Darkside. 

By far these are some of the best parodies of the Saga to have ever come out and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next one has to offer. There’s still no word on a release date yet, nor whether it’ll hit DVD/Blu-ray before it airs on TV (like Darkside did).  But if you just can’t stand to wait, check out this clip from the Darkside DVD which shows a snippet of the table read on Bad Feeling About This