First Official Jurassic World Poster Released


While this first poster (which Director Colin Trevorrow just debuted on his Twitter) won’t give much away, it is the first real marketing we’ve seen for this film (aside from those artistic SDCC posters), which hopefully means more will be coming before too long: 


Like I said, it’s not much, it’s a teaser poster, but it’s very evocative of the first film’s original poster.  The tagline at the bottom is both neat and chilling, in that we know something horrible is going to go down.  Earlier last week, a description for the film’s first trailer hit the internet.  While there’s no telling how accurate it is, the fact that Universal pulled it down pretty quickly should tell you something.  

Cross your fingers a trailer is coming soon!  What do you guys think of the first poster? Jurassic World opens on June 12, 2015.