Fuqua is Out, Luna is In to Say ‘Hello to My Little Friend’


Some people say we don’t need a remake of Scarface. I, however, will counter you with the fact that if we didn’t have a remake of Scarface, we wouldn’t have Scarface. Yes, that’s right, Scarface with Al Pacino was a remake of the 1932 film, Scarface. So, for a third time we are getting another retelling of the classic story about an immigrant coming to America and paving his own road.  In the 1932 film, an Italian Scarface took on alcohol during prohibition.  In 1982, and Cuban Scarface took on cocaine.  Now, it looks like a Mexican Scarface will take on, I don’t know, we will have to wait and see.

gangster movies scarface 1932 2

But that won’t be all we are waiting to see. We will be waiting to see who will direct this retelling of a classic. As visionary director Antoine Fuqua has dropped out of the project, according to Variety. Fuqua who was reported to be on the project back in 2013, with a script written by The Wolf Of Wall Street scribe Terence Winter, seems to have a little too much on his plate. With Sony and Denzel Washington ready to go on the sequel to Fuqua’s The Equalizer, he will be quite busy prepping the film. 

Antoine Fuqua 2

On a happier note however, we have found our Mexican Immigrant, who take on the iconic role this time set in Los Angeles. Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story). So the project is still very much a live with a strong up and coming star. So now all we have to do is wait to see who will take over the directors chair. 

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