Here We Go Again, Disney is Working on a ‘Bambi’ Remake


In news that will either delight or horrify you, it’s been revealed that Disney is working on a “live-action” CGI remake of the beloved animated classic Bambi.

Apparently Disney really is hell-bent on remaking their entire animated catalogue and have now decided that Bambi, originally released in 1942, should be added to that slowly growing list of dubious live-action/CGI remakes. Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Lindsey Beer will be writing the screenplay according to The Hollywood Reporter.

I won’t beat around the bush on this one, I am NOT a fan of this news in the slightest. I grew up watching the original Bambi and have known for years that this film is a prime example of Golden Age animation, one that couldn’t be duplicated today even if someone tried. Though only animated in 2-D, the movements of Bambi, Faline, Thumper, Flower, Friend Owl and so on are so lifelike that there’s no problem believing they’re real. It’s a sweet, poignant story that everyone should take part in.

So let me ask: what could a CGI remake of Bambi POSSIBLY bring to the table? If it’s anything like the CGI remake of The Lion King….*shudders*….I am terrified to think of what a remake of Bambi could look like. I say this every time a CGI remake of a Disney animated classic is announced and I will say it again and again until I’m blue in the face: unless Disney finds a novel way to retell these stories (as they did with Maleficent and the story of Sleeping Beauty), then they need to leave well enough alone.

I can already predict what this film is going to look like: a beat-for-beat replay of the original film with dubious CGI, perhaps one or two original characters, and at least one “twist” to set the remake apart from the original.

Disney really needs to rethink its policy of remaking every classic in its library, because it’s doing nothing for me.