Indie Beat: ‘Cabin Crew’ to be released on Flix Premiere – an online Cinema for Indie Film.


‘Cabin Crew’ Synopsis: A crew of wanna be outlaws bent on saving their friend’s life retreat to a family cabin after a bank heist and soon discover that when it comes to crime, they should leave it to the professionals – the police.

Starring: Austin Amelio,, Shayla Bagir, Harold Fisch, Morgan Floyd, and Nicholas Saenz. 

cabin crew

The film is less of a heist film than it is an entertaining look at a group of friends who are willing to go to great lengths to save one of their own. They start with nickel and dime scams and drug dealing and eventually devise a plan to raise the needed funds by committing a bank heist. When crooked cops threaten to ruin the plan, these friends realize it’s time to play hardball. Good performances from Nicholas Saenz and Austin Amelio, of ‘The Walking Dead’, round out ‘Cabin Crew’ and make this one film you’ll want to keep an eye out for. 

Cabin Crew will be released on Flix Premiere, a new online Cinema for Indie Film. According to the company, each movie that will premiere on the platform can only be found at Flix Premiere. Each film will have a premiere night, creating the entire red carpet experience for the movie-goer. The abundance of films that will become available this year will revolutionize the film industry as we know it today.