Is ‘Star Trek 2’ Still on Track for Summer 2012?


Back in February, we reported that J.J Abrams was really close to signing a deal to return in the director’s chair for Star Trek 2. In an interview he had with Collider, he announced that his final decision would come in March, around the time the first Super 8 trailer was set to premiere.  Well, we got the trailer.  But no announcement.  But hey, maybe he’s just taking his time.  I mean, he is a very busy man with his movie and TV shows and all that.  We gave him another month.  And another.  And another.  Now it’s almost June, and we’ve heard nothing.

Star Trek

Well, until now.  Deadline reports that J.J Abrams is ready to return to Trek now that work on Super 8 has been completed.  No really, don’t leave!  This time, he MEANS it.  Anyways, his decision comes a little late for the film; Paramount long ago set a June 29, 2012 release date, and they’ve been trying for months to fast track the project.  But to no avail.  The cast is all ready, and there’s a 70 page outline for the script in place.  So honestly, the only holdover is Abrams.  But with his involvement being so late in the game, it seems impossible that he’ll be able to deliver a fine film in about a year’s time.  So rumor has it that Paramount is creating a contingency plan, and clearing space in their Winter 2012 schedule for the film.

This is kind of disappointing, in my opinion.  Well it means more time for Abrams and Co. to work on the film, I was a huge fan of the 2009 reboot.  I never saw a Star Trek film before (still haven’t), but that film was such a great surprise, and I’m eagerly anticipating what’s to come from that camp.  If it means a better product, I guess I’m willing to wait, but it’s still saddening.  Especially considering the previous release date was the weekend of my birthday.  I never get a good present…

Star Trek

So the one thing that I find awesome about this news is the trust Paramount has with J.J Abrams.  Seriously, the studio loves this guy!  They could have easily replaced him, but they waited for Abrams final decision.  It’s really heartening to see this kind of business strategy in the modern film world.  They must really see something special in this man.

But what say you?  Can you take the wait, or do you want Abrams to work at warp speeds to fulfill the release date?