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Transformers 5 Ultimate Narration Trailer

So there’s a new trailer out for Transformers and I just want you to watch it and then we’ll talk.

Hmmm, interesting. Okay yes I’m a purist Transformer fan but let’s try to unpackage this, shall we? The children are going to be something I’m not gonna enjoy. I’m not sure what exactly is going on with the world though. Did some sort of apocalypse run though Earth or something? Look I’m sure Isabela Moner is a fine actress but I’m just not digging a gaggle of kids chasing down Transformers. Also Dinobots are apparently tiny robots now. I won’t say too much except I think this was a bad trailer but maybe they’re trying to show more of what the movie has to offer especially for a younger audience. Perhaps these whippersnappers are a small part of the film. But I guess we’ll see when Transformers 5 The Last Knight debuts.

-Jason The X

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