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First Look at Infinity War and The Black Order from D23 2017

Infinity War is quickly approaching and Thanos has brought his get things done crew.

It’s D23 and our keyboards are smoking because the news keeps coming. In what I’m probably most excited about we got our first look at Avengers: Infinity War. The man playing mad titan himself Josh Brolin brought out his do dirt crew The Black Order.


Let me tell you the level of power these guys have is on a level the Avengers have not seen before. First off you have Corvus Glaive the defacto leader who with his blade intact he cannot be killed. Proxima Midnight the wife of Corvus Glaive who wields a spear forged by Thanos himself that can kill with a lethal toxin that coats it. Ebony Maw, who gave us our first clue of who Thanos would be bringing to the fight, who can manipulate the minds of others and influence them  to his will. And lastly Cull Obsidian who I’m sure is a rename for Black Dwarf who his immensely strong with impervious skin and the brother of Glaive.  I don’t know if you’re excited yet but I sure am because I was wondering if Thanos would be alone and it looks like no as he is bringing the greatest threat the heroes have ever faced. 


And if all that was not enough for you we have a first look at the poster that shows the Infinity Gauntlet has absolutely wrecked several heroes as they surround Captain America’s shattered shield.  Now the footage that was shown has not been released online but I’m told it gives us an idea of the scope of the destruction as the Guardians keep finding planets totally wiped out and finally capping off with several shots of heroes fighting Thanos himself as he is equipped with the gauntlet. Keep it here because when it’s available we’ll have it for you.


Avengers: Infinity War opens May 4th 2018.

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