Fox Jumps Into the Horror Genre in the First New Mutants Trailer

Fox Jumps Into the Horror Genre in the First New Mutants Trailer

The first New Mutants trailer has dropped and it's...not what we expected.  See it for yourself, inside.

We should've saw this coming.  A while ago, X-Men: The New Mutants Director Josh Boone said that his movie would be a much scarier take on the 20th Century Fox franchise.  We just didn't expect it to be a full-blown horror movie.

Admittedly, I haven't read the comics to know if this is part of The New Mutants story, but then again, neither has the general public, which makes the decision to bring a superhero film into the horror genre a little strange.  While I may not understand where Fox is going with this, luckily, I have a colleague is a big New Mutants fan to explain why this makes sense.

Rob, the floor is yours:

I really like this story because it’s one of my favorites from back in the day. The New Mutants were relatively new on the comic scene and still trying to find their place in the comic landscape, then this story came along and changed so much. This wasn’t your typical X-men type of comic and with Josh Boone going with a Horror style storyline fits this movie well. The Demon Bear Saga is not supposed to be a here’s a bad guy we gotta beat and stop his evil plot against the populace, it’s a supernatural force that is trying it’s best to murder a teen girl and all her friends. There’s a huge element of fear when an ancient Amerindian entity is trying to kill just for the hell of it.

Naturally I understand were not going to get an exact storyline like we did In the comics, it never happens and I’d be a fool to expect it. What I do hope is that they get the general plot of why the bear is there hunting Mirage and how the other kids just kinda get swept up into battling him. If they can get this idea across The movie should be successful. Being a horror movie fan does help with the appeal of the trailer, and using Pink Floyds ‘The Wall’ is an excellent touch for the trailer. I would like to see some more later, but I’m already sold on this movie.

There you have it, for comic fans, this is the perfect way to kick off The New Mutants.  We'll have to see if the general public feels the same on April 13, 2018!