Ava DuVernay To Helm DC's New Gods Film

Ava DuVernay To Helm DC's New Gods Film

Warner Bros. and DC are getting ready to leave Earth and take their cameras to the twin planets of Apokolips and New Genesis and they've found just the woman to lead them on this adventure!  More within...

After soaring through the clouds with Man of Steel, duking it out in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, creating history with Wonder Woman, and uniting the Justice League, Warner Bros. and DC are about to take a Boom Tube to places we've never seen on the big screen.  Along all the cinematic adaptations in the pipeline, WB and DC have their hearts set on adapting a New Gods film, based on the comics by Jack Kirby.

Taking us there will be the incomparable director of Selma, 13th, and A Wrinkle in Time, Ava DuVernay.

This will be DuVernay's first step into the superhero genre, and she'll have her work cut out for her.  Unlike Patty Jenkins and Joss Whedon, who had (mostly) established characters to work with when they took over their films, DuVernay will have a whole cast of new characters to develop from the twin planets of Apokolips and New Genesis.

In the comics, the inhabitants of these planets were known as Gods and feuded with one and other over a variety of reasons.  One reason is because they're polar opposites.  While these planets are technically "twins" you wouldn't know it if you saw it.  New Genesis is a lush, peaceful-looking planet ruled by the Highfather.  Meanwhile, Apokolips is the Darkseid-led planet that is mostly machine and fire and brimstone.  New Gods may be the first introduction of the long-awaited ruler, Darkseid.

Next up for the DCEU, Aquaman will arrive on December 21.  Then, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot return for Wonder Woman 2, which is set for a November 1, 2019 release date.  At some point, DC has their sights set on a Flash film, a Batman film, and there have been a lot of talks for a Green Lantern Corp film, but there hasn't been much movement on that.  WB also has a Suicide Squad sequel and a Gotham City Sirens film in the works.

As more news develops for the New Gods, we'll have it here on!