Lando Returns To A Galaxy Far Far Away

Lando Returns To A Galaxy Far Far Away

He’s got a lot of guts showing up, after what they’ve pulled with everyone else from his time.

Since the announcement of the originals returning to Star Wars when Disney bought the franchise in 2012, one question has been asked over and over. Where is Lando? We have been waiting to see the turn of Billy Dee to the franchise for a while now. We thought possibly in Episode VII. But no. Definitely Episode VIII. Wrong again. But it looks like it is finally time for his epic return, as THR has confirmed earlier reports that Billy Dee Williams is set to dawn the cape once again in the currently untitled Star Wars Episode IX.


Billy Dee has been beloved by fans all over the world for his many roles, and most notably one of Han and Chewie’s oldest friend. He has been voicing the character again for Rebels’ as well as a few video games, and the role has most recently been seen in younger form in the Star Wars spin off, SOLO. Played by Atlanta star Donald Glover, the role was a shining point in the film. While reactions to SOLO were mixed, most agree at Glover as Lando was a bright point of the film.


J.J. Abrams and will return to lead Billy Dee Williams as he returns to join young stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver as well as newcomerKeri Russell in Star Wars Episode IX. The film is set to open Dec. 20, 2019, and while it is exciting to see Billy Dee make his return, one can’t help but worry, after the fates of majority of the originals in the new trilogy. Here’s to hoping our Lando can remain with the living, with a smooth Colt 45 in hand.

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