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3 New High-Res Production Stills From The Avengers Revealed

Hot on the heels of the reveal of The Avengers Entertainment Weekly cover, some more official and high resolution stills from the production have also been unleashed on the internet.

I knew it wouldn't take long for more official pictures to hit.  While these pics are just from the production (so not taken from finished footage), they are good quality and official.  That's a hard combination to beat considering fans have been thriving off of blurry set pics for the last few months.

These pics of course came from EW:

The Avengers official pic

The Avengers official pic

The Avengers official pic

Pretty cool huh?  Personally I love the first picture and can't wait to see those two interacting in the film.  I'm sure there will be even more coming soon, so we'll try and update it here instead of flood you with new posts all over.


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