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Chronicle Director Tapped for Fantastic Four Reboot?

 Is the man behind the soon to be released found footage superhero flick being courted to helm the next Fantastic Four for Fox?



You know what I hate most about the whole "Fox Owning The Rights to Some of Marvel's Characters" thing?  It's wasteful.  Say what you will about Sony, but at least they are using their character licenses, with a new Ghost Rider and Spider-Man film set for this year.  But Fox?  Not even.  Not counting X-Men, Fox has let properties like Daredevil and Fantastic Four just SIT there.  Marvel could be doing really cool things with those franchises, but Fox is just sitting there, in the corner, with a bushel of apples.  But instead of eating said apples, Fox is just holding onto them, saying "Ha ha!" right in front of Marvel's face.  It's just so wasteful.


But Fox can't keep this going forever.  After a while of stagnant development on their licenses, Marvel is liable to take them back. But Fox doesn't want that to happen.  So now, they're finally moving forward on some of these projects.  Last year, Fox hired Hard Candy director David Slade for a new Daredevil, but nothing was said of a new Fantastic Four.  Well, until now.  Variety Showblitz reports that Fox, currently on a "Chronicle high," have been having many meetings with director Josh Trank about taking over the Fantastic Four franchise.  They have big hopes in their own Chronicle, and would like to keep Trank...well, "in the family." 


This all, of course, depends on the box office potential of Chronicle.  Which, quite honestly, I'll be surprised it will do that outstandingly.  It's a cheap found footage film, so it will make its money back easily.  However, there are many factors standing in the way of its success beyond that.  It stars no big name actors, is something people have never seen before, and opens Super Bowl weekend.  That's like a triple whammy right there!  And who knows if Trank will be a good director or not...I mean, Chronicle IS his first feature.  I guess we, along with Fox, will just have to take a wait and see approach to this one.






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