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First Clear(ish) Look at the Aliens in Avengers

First Clear(ish) Look at the Aliens in Avengers

With the Super Bowl spot for The Avengers comes a slew of new footage that has fans oogling and drooling over (myself included).  Yet nothing is quite as exciting as getting our first real look at the mysterious aliens that will be the villain's army in the film.  Thanks to the magic of HD video, we've got it highlighted for you in case you missed it.

Disney was kind enough to shoot us the extended spot as soon as the commercial aired on TV, and I of course felt the need to do the same thing with all trailers for films I look forward to...Go through it frame by frame.  In doing so, I managed to grab a couple HD stills of the aliens featured in the trailer.  Granted, it's a quick look in the commercial, but it's more than we've been given so far (the first one is at the top):

The Avengers Aliens

Not too shabby huh?  Still kind of hard to tell exactly what they are, or who they might be related to in the comics, but I'm sure more die hard fans than I can figure it out from these.  Hopefully we'll get more information on these aliens soon, so all of the speculation can end.  But please, feel free to post your best guess in the comments below.