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Rumor Control: Josh Trank in Talks to Direct Venom Spin-Off Movie?

The Chroncile director may be returning to the comic book movie genre with his next follow-up...and it's NOT the rumored Fantastic Four reboot.  Instead, Sony is apparently in talks with Josh Trank to direct the long gestating Venom movie...

The LA Times are reporting that Chronicle director Josh Trank is in negotiations with Sony to direct a Venom movie.  And yes, they mean Venom, the Spider-Man villain. If you don't remember, there were talks back in 2008 of Sony making a standalone Venom movie that would focus on the Spider-Man villain who's been a regular of the comics for a long time, as well as the villain in the 2007 Sam Raimi Spider-Man 3.  At one point Gary Ross had been attached to direct, but in the backlash Spidey 3 received, on top of the franchise's uncertainty (they hadn't decided to reboot just yet), the film fell into development hell.

Venom movie

Now, according to an unnamed source (which is why we're still classifying this as a rumor), the film is back on track and Sony is courting Chronicle helmer, Josh Trank, to direct.  If the film is a spin-off of Spider-Man 3 (doubtful) or related to the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man (confusing) is unknown at this time, but the idea of a movie focused on a villain in very intriguing. Here's the quote:

The studio is negotiating with Josh Trank, the hot director of this winter’s found-footage hit "Chronicle," to take the reins of the Spidey spin-off, said a person familiar with the project who was not authorized to talk about it publicly. Sony was not immediately available for comment.


It's not much to go on, but it's definitely more attention than this film has received in a while.  Considering how out of the limelight the idea of a [I]Venom[/I] movie has been, couple with the impending resurgence of Spider-Man with the relaunch this Summer, I'm willing to believe this rumor.  If not Josh Trank, then surely the studio is at least considering bringing it back.  The probability of this being a spin-off of Spider-Man 3 is slim, so, fingers crossed, that means no more Topher Grace trying act like a supervillain.  I (*checks to make sure Jordan isn't hiding in the corner*) haven't seen Chronicle yet but have heard great things about (check out Jordan's review here!).

How Sony plans to connect the film (if at all) to Amazing Spider-Man will be tricky, unless they have some phenomenal idea that will just blow people out of the water.  Only time will tell I suppose.

So do you think Trank was a good choice?  Should they even make this movie?

[Editor's Note:  Apparently myself and Dylan were writing these articles up at the same time.  So I've added in bits and pieces of both articles into this one.]

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