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Poster Madness: The Amazing Spider-Man, Django Unchained, Moonrise Kingdom, and Wreck-It Ralph

Today's Poster Madness is a little bigger than usual, and even more posterific!  If that's a word, of course...I think it is.  Then again, I wouldn't even be able to describe what qualities a poster must contain to be posterific so, if it is a word, it's literally a word without a definition.  Then again, maybe just BEING a poster gives you the power to be posterific.  And if that's the case, this edition is just as posterific as usual.

Damn it, just look at some new posters after the break.

TheAmazingSpiderMan Poster

TheAmazingSpiderMan InternationalPoster

*Two new one-sheets for The Amazing Spider-Man have been revealed...and their pretty snazzy, if I do say so my self.  Personally I like the second one best, because it reminds me of the fantastic vertical posters for the Sam Raimi trilogy of films.  The first one's fine too, and the Lizard slash is a nice touch.  Still, the posters for The Amazing Spider-Man haven't been very...err, amazing so far.  Then again, there's only been like three posters, so maybe I'm judging tosoon.

DjangoUnchained Poster

*Next up is the first poster for Django Unchained, the new film from director...uh, I all of a sudden forgot.  Does anyone know who's directing this film?  Huh...whatever the case, this poster is pretty cool, and not the type of poster I would expect from a major Hollywood studio.  If anything, it looks like a fan made, minimalistic poster...but in this case, that's not necessarily a bad thing.  It's the kind of poster I would hang on my wall, which is my personal barometer of how good a poster is.  In this case, pretty damn good.

MotionPoster1MotionPoster2 MotionPoster3MotionPoster4



*You see that massive group of character posters above?  Well, if you couldn't tell, they are all from Moonrise Kingdom, a film by...you guessed it, Wes Anderson.  This is one of those "Everyone Gets One" poster releases, so the above posters come from the following sites in the order in which they appear: MTV, Fandango, Entertainment Weekly, IGN, Moviefone, Yahoo Movies, and Rushmore Academy.  Now that we got that out of the way, let me just say...these posters are pretty cool.  They're technically motion posters, but we felt that you should head on over to the poster's respective site to get the full effect.  Also, these were smaller, and easier to put on the page.  So if you want to see a quick two second animation at the beginning of each poster, refer to the links above.

Wreck-It Ralph

*Finally, above is the first teaser poster for Disney Animation's new film, Wreck it Ralph.  As far as teaser posters go, this one is pretty weak, and decides to go with a simple image of the main character as the selling point.  I hate this practice, and make for an interesting poster it does not.  That said, the retro gaming/arcade throwback plot to the film has me extremely decided.  I have high hopes for this one.

And that does it for this edition of Poster Madness.  Check back soon for even more posterificness!  And yes, that's a word too!


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