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Is Paramount Animation Developing a Legend of Korra Movie?

Is Paramount Animation Developing a Legend of Korra Movie?

The newly created Paramount Animation may be looking at The Legend of Korra for a feature film adaptation.

As you guys may know, I'm a pretty huge fan of The Legend of Korra.  I mean, I did review almost every single episode of the show for this site, after all.  And when I heard that the show was renewed up until Season 4, I got very excited.  This little piece of news just seems like icing on the cake.  According to Variety, new studio Paramount Animation is pursuing new projects.  They've teamed up with J.J Abrams on one of them, and have Book of Eli writer Greg Whitta developing a project based on a Penny Arcade comic titled New Kid, about a human student at an all alien school.

But the most intiguing projects that Paramount Animation have in the pipeline come from their kids TV network, Nickelodean.  They're already making another Spongebob movie (following the successful 2004 feature), and have plans to bring Dora the Explorer and Monkey Quest to the big screen as well.  Well we don't give a shit about those two properties, Paramount has also been exploring a potential movie based on the very successful Legend of Korra TV series.  Now THAT has us intrigued.

TheLegendofKorra Avatars

Now keep in mind, if this project ever does come to light, it will be a long, long time from now.  As Paramount executive Adam Goodman points out, animation takes quite a long time to produce.  So if Paramount Animation is really serious about adapting The Legend of Korra to the big screen, we definetely won't see it until after the show ends.  Personally, I think it's a perfect idea.  Unlike its parent series, The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra doesn't really have a serialized plot from season to season (at least so far, anyways).  I can see them doing an Anime-esque side story movie easily, and would absolutely love to see the wondrous fight choreography on a large, robust theater screen.  Consider me sold on the idea.

But how about you?  Does a Legend of Korra movie sound like a good idea, or are you afraid of another Last Airbender?  Let us know in the comments.