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Poster Madness: Smurfs 2, Argo, Les Miserables, The Hobbit, and More!

Movie posters are typically the first line of advertising for any movie, and when they hit, they seem to hit all at once, or at least within a short period of time.  Rather than waste your time with a bunch of really tiny articles for each poster that hits, we've got Poster Madness!  So prepare your eyes...

All kinds of posters have hit recently, some of them good, some of them not so much.  Of course that's all subjective and I'll leave you to decide which ones you like and don't.  First let's start off with some new Argo character posters:




I can't tell you exactly why, but the last one with John Goodman is by far my favorite.  Something about it is just neat, and seems to tell an interesting story all it's own.  If I wasn't already interested in this film, the poster alone would have me looking for more information.  Let's move on:


I'm still not entirely sold on this film.  The trailer was pretty damn good, but nothing else I've seen on this movie has me all that excited.  This is just the latest poster for this movie, and to be honest, it doesn't look all that disimilar from the previous ones that have been released.

Smurfs 2

I feel incredibly sad posting this one, because that means the film is really happening and it's far enough along to start marketing.  I've made no secret of my disdain for most of the CGI films based on my beloved childhood shows.  Most of them just fall way short of the mark, and Smurfs was no exception.  I don't really expect the second one to do much better, but as long as parents keep taking their kids to them, the studios will keep making them.


This one snuck in over the weekend at the end of Tolkien Week, and if it looks similar, that's because it's the same style as the original Lord of the Rings posters.  That's not a bad thing, and if you're an avid poster collector, it'll fit in nicely with the others. 


Yes, that is Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock.  Kind of eerie how good a make-up job they did with it.  It looks damn good, so it's no surprise that they'd want to put that front and center on their first poster for the biopic.


I thought it was kind of neat how they replicated the traditional Les Miserables poster using a real live person.  It's iconic and just looks good.  As much as I like the poster, I still can't get too excited for the film.  Sorry!  I love the cast, but this just isn't my genre of movie. 


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